Freezing for Families

We are #freezingforfamilies throughout the month of April!

Our very own Development Director, Alicia Milne, will be taking her own polar plunge on April 29th if we can raise $1,000 for the annual Washington County Community College Polar Dip in support of RMHC Maine and Sarah’s House of Maine.

This annual event has supported the Maine families for 20 years, however, due to the pandemic, this year’s event looks a little different.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Help us send Alicia into the frigid waters of Maine by donating!

Make Alicia freeze!


2. Take on your own polar dip challenge! That’s right, for the first time ever, you will be able to Plunge at home. Here are some ideas and make sure to get it on video so we can share it on Facebook!

Super Soakers

Water Balloons

Bucket of Ice Water

Inflatable/Plastic Pool

Sprinkler Run

BONUS, if you fundraise $250 and we’ll send you a RMHC Maine t-shirt. Sign-up here to create your fundraiser for Maine families.

An Important Safety Message for our Super Supporters:

Cold/freezing/frozen water presents obvious and not-so-obvious dangers and is risky at any depth to people of any age, mobility, or health status. You must exercise caution and personal responsibility in your Virtual Dip activities! RMHC Maine cannot identify or control the risks of every Virtual Dip activity and has not endorsed or approved as safe any particular Virtual Dip activity.

Be smart, be safe, and be careful – for you and all who join you in your Virtual Dip activity.  In whatever form your Virtual Dip takes, follow all applicable water (and freezing water) safety and COVID-19 protocols. Have fun with it; but above all, BE SAFE.

We’d love to see your creative “dip” ideas – jump in the ocean, pour a bucket of water over your head, make a snow angle (snow permitting)… whatever you decide and hopefully, Alicia will be doing hers on April 29th!

Thank you for helping us keep this fantastic event alive and hopefully we’ll be back together in person for the 2022 polar dip!