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When a family is facing one of life’s greatest challenges, away from the comfort of their home, a place of respite can be essential in the process of their child’s recovery. Stability is important and can be a gift to a family when they’re in an unstable environment. Since 1983, RMHC Maine has been a place of comfort, care, and compassion for thousands of families on the medical journey of their child’s illness. Children recover faster when families are able to stay together. At the Ronald McDonald Houses in Bangor and Portland, families find a welcoming smile from a friendly volunteer, a home-cooked meal to enjoy after a long day at the hospital, a good night’s sleep in a caring environment, and receive support from other families in similar situations.

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Families are eligible to stay if they meet these criteria:

  • The patient must be 21 years of age or younger.
  • A pregnant woman with a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Minor parents (under age 18) who are unmarried and not legally emancipated must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Families are not contagious with any illness.
  • Rooms at RMHC can only be occupied by immediate family members and those directly involved in the patient’s care (Up to four people per room).
  • Family members are able to function in a community living environment and follow rules.
  • A $10 per night donation is encouraged, however, no family is ever turned away for inability to contribute towards their stay.

Families are not eligible to stay if there is:

  • Evidence of ongoing substance abuse or other behavior that would compromise the safety of others at the Ronald McDonald House. Individuals receiving medicated assisted medical care (i.e. methadone or buprenorphine) as part of a treatment program and meet all other criteria are eligible to stay.
  • Involvement in a DHHS/CPS open assessment or case including physical abuse, neglect, emotional maltreatment, or sexual abuse that may compromise the safety of others at Ronald McDonald House. Consideration of eligibility may be given to families based on current circumstances.
  • Current conviction or involvement in a domestic violence relationship that will compromise the safety of others at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Criminal justice system involvement (i.e. probation, parole, or an active Protection from Abuse Order). Consideration of eligibility regarding probation or parole may be given to families based on current circumstances.

How do I request a room for my family?

Referrals are made by social workers or medical staff from their respective medical facilities. In the case of outpatient medical appointments, referrals are made by the physician’s office. After the referral has been received by the House, please call the morning of the day you need the accommodations to verify availability.

Portland: 207-780-6282

Bangor: 207-942-9003

For more information about eligibility or the application process, please call the House number above in which you are applying to stay.




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