Heart of Gold Recipients

The Heart of Gold award is given in highest honor in recognition of an individual’s tireless efforts, extraordinary service, dedication, and compassion given to RMHC Maine.

The House could not operate without just one of the many volunteers that come in these doors day in and day out. Each year, we take on the difficult task of identifying just a few of the special volunteers of the House.

Heart of Gold Recipients
Joseph R. Foley
1996: Betty Lewis
1999: Meredith Strang Burgess
2001: Rod Irish, Bruce Leddy, Susan B. Soule
2002: Richard McCoy
2004: Polly Larned, Maine Medical Center, Thomas Newman, Margaret Nygren
Steve Goble; Relay Team Ride Group: Heather Carteton, Karl Geib, John Halpin, Lorraine Jordan, Dan Knight; Dean Mazziotti; Judy Ridge; Janine Roberts; Penny Ward, Tony Ward; Phil A. Rossignol
2006: Michael Curci, M.D., Sheila Peabody,  Joan Roux
2007: Robert Horne, Jack Nygren, John Thaxter,
2008: John Messer
2009: Edie Lydick, George Lydick
2010: Patricia Grunwald, Peter Grunwald, Bob Usinger, Maxine Stenger
2011: Gary Eckmann, Kenny Mayne
2012: Betsy Hillman, Becky Neidetcher, Betsy Nygren
2013: Phyllis Hayes, Jane Norton, Linda Vickerson
2014: Libby Lemieux, Jane Francoeur, Cheryl Levasseur, Cathy Pride, Ellen Corrigan, K.C. Hughes, Fred Sexton, Tim Thomas, and Rita Thompson
2015: Kevin Riley, Scott Searway, Chris Woods, “The Brunch Bunch”, Maine Neonatology Associates
2016: The Napoli Group, Paul Thibodeau, Mary LaLumiere, and Systems Engineering
2017: Peter Benson, Gaye Littlefield, Daniel Thornton
2018: Kym & Jeannie Dorr and GenRe
2019: Portland Sea Dogs, Nicki Griffin, Robin Babino, Deloris Testa, Rachel Stamieszkin, Urban Garden Center