Recurring Donations #JointheLeague

Featuring Night Owl, Dinner Time Hero, Cleaning Cam, and the Leader of Love

Setting up a scheduled, monthly gift ensures RMHC Maine has the stability to continue providing care to the families who need our services. RMHC Maine can host up to 50 families per night between our two Ronald McDonald House programs in Bangor and Portland and provides a home away from home 365 per year. A monthly donation allows us to better predict our future plans which leads to a better overall organization. Meet the League below and decide where you want to make an impact.

Meet the League of Extrodary Givers

Night Owl

$10 Monthly Donation

While we kindly ask for a $10 per night donation, no family is ever turned away for not being able to contribute towards their stay. In fact, roughly 75% of families are provided housing for free.

By giving $10 a month you help to close that gap and cover a one-night stay for a family each month.

Dinner Time Hero

$25 Monthly Donation

RMHC Maine ensures that every person staying with us has a meal ready for dinner (not to mention a stocked pantry). Whether this be a delicious meal prepared by a volunteer or local take-out, we have made it our mission to care for the families that stay with us like they are our own.

Donating $25 will cover one meal for a family once a month.

Cleaning Cam

$75 Monthly Donation

Just like any other home, the Houses need a lot of care to maintain a clean, comfortable space for our families. Thankfully, we have an amazing team of volunteers who help clean the Houses from top to bottom every day! But with dozen rooms, common rooms, a plethora of bathrooms, and so many floors, it takes a lot of cleaning products and household items!

A donation of $75 will help cover cleaning supplies and household items for one month.

Leader of Love

$120 Monthly Donation

Many families who stay with us, deal with the reality that they simply won’t know how long they will be with us.
Some only stay for a day or two, others stay months.
On average, families stay with us for 12 nights.

A $120 monthly donation would cover the average length of stay for a family.

Join the League today!

Thank you for being  EXTRAORDINARY! 

Amy Breau

Jayne Barnes

Dean Cameron

Elizabeth Clark

Thorne Conley

Kayla Frank

Lori Fritzen

Kim Holden

Madeline Lewis

Melissa Olander

Grace Packard

Tom & Therese Perkins

Keith Plourd

Suzanne Reilly

Nicole Ross

Lauren Tait

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