Errand Runner

Position Description

Assist with occasional and/or regular errands for the Ronald McDonald House in Bangor. Volunteers must have a valid driver’s license and use of their own vehicle.

    • Returning Clynk bags to Hannaford
    • Bringing tab tops to the local recycling center
    • Picking up or dropping off items at other non-profits and businesses in the greater Bangor area

What it Means to be a Long-Term Volunteer

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine is only able to continue operations in Maine
with the robust support from our volunteers. Our volunteers make our Houses feel like a

Volunteer positions that fall under “Long Term” are: Shift Volunteers,
Overnight Volunteers, Errand Runners, and Maintenance Volunteers.
All volunteers for these positions must be over 18.

We have some volunteers who have been with us for over 18 years, and while we don’t expect that commitment from everyone, we do want to cultivate long-lasting volunteer relationships! Volunteers must be able to commit to at least 6 months of service.