Meet the Day Family



Vincent Day was born 6/13/15 by emergency c-section weighing 10 lbs. He wasn’t breathing.
Vincent was quickly intubated and rushed away to the NICU where doctors told his parents, Jennifer &
Joshua, what no parent wants to hear, that they don’t know what caused his illness and they’re not sure
what will happen. Vincent had a long list of medical issues, medications and machines.

Vincent’s parents spent 16 days at RMHC while he only got stronger. During that time, his older sister,
Scarlett, was also able to spend time with Mom and Dad outside of the hospital at the House. “Knowing
after a long day watching our son’s vital signs while he fought for his life, we had a place to go to recharge
our batteries helped us considerably.”


Today, this miracle baby is a happy, healthy, ball of
energy. The family returned to RMHC on Vincent’s first birthday with donations for the House. They plan
to do this every year as their way of paying it forward and to show their children just how special the
Ronald McDonald Houses are to so many.


“No one expects this to happen to them, there’s no way to fully plan for a sick child at any age. Having
RMHC take some of the burden off our shoulders allowed us to concentrate on our son and his fight,
our fight. We hope you see the greatness that is RMHC and do all you can for them so they can
continue helping families at one of their greatest times of need.”