When you walk into the kitchen of the Ronald McDonald House and a group of volunteers are preparing a home cooked meal for the families, you can just smell the love in the air.  It is the aromas of a home cooked meal or freshly baked cookies, and so much more.  It is comfort food that rejuvenates the mind and spirits of families coming home after a long, stressful day at the hospital caring for their loved ones.

“The best part of being a Guest Chef is making the lives of guests a little easier, while they are going through difficult times.” -Casco Bay Sunrise Rotary Club.


  •        Family meals should serve approximately 25 people for the Portland House, and approximately 15-20 for the Bangor House.
  •        Dinner is served buffet style at 6 pm. Groups should arrive between 4 – 4:30 p.m.
  •        Breakfast is served at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday only.
  •        Groups should be limited to 8 people.
  •        All food must be prepared in RMH’s kitchen, with the exception of food prepared in a commercial kitchen.
  •   If you plan to grill, please review our instructions on proper use: Grill Instructions

To Schedule a Meal (current Guest Chefs)

  1.  Review the Guest Chef Calendars below for the respective Houses.
  2.  Email  the Bangor or Portland House Manager your date request (date is not guaranteed until confirmation email received).
  3.  Once your meal date has been confirmed, please email your menu to House Manager so it can be added to the calendar below and shared with our guests.
  4.  Email Bangor’s House Manager, Whitney.
  5.  Email Portland’s House Manager, Georgia

*New Volunteers

  1.  Complete the Volunteer Application, and Background Screening and Confidentiality Forms. (Groups should submit one form using the group lead’s information).
  2.  Download and review the Guest Chef program guidelines for Bangor and Portland.
  3.  Pick an available date from the respective Guest Chef Calendars below.
  4.  Email House Manager Whitney (Bangor) or Georgia (Portland)  your date request. This date is not guaranteed until confirmation email has been received.  Please arrange to have a House tour at least one week prior to your meal date, or arrive early the day of your meal to get settled..  Please note – you will be asked to provide a few details about your group in the body of the email.  Please be sure to provide all requested information.
  5. Return completed application packet to Whitney or Ray.

Portland Guest Chef Calendar


Bangor Guest Chef Calendar

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