Thank you for your interest in the RMHC Maine Grants program. After careful consideration regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our fundraising efforts, the RMHC Maine Grants program has been suspended for the 2022 calendar year. We look forward to moving ahead when the time is right, so please check back in September 2023 for program updates.


McDonald’s Owner/Operators, their Employees and their Customers supporting RMHC Maine

In each of the sixty McDonald’s located in Maine and the four located in northern New Hampshire, McDonald’s customers toss their change into the donation boxes. A portion of this money directly benefits the RMHC Maine Grants Program through which we help support other non-profits that share our mission of healthy children, healthy families. By partnering with these selected organizations, we have a far broader outreach and a greater positive impact on the lives of children in Maine and northern New Hampshire.


Extending the reach and impact of donation dollars to designated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, as defined under IRS codes, grants will be considered for review to organizations based on their execution of past and current projects by the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrated ability to address specific needs that benefit children ages 0 to 21 years of age.
  • Program Performance / Community Outreach
  • Management Effectiveness / Measurable Results
  • Broad Base of Funding Support / Strong Partnerships with Key Stakeholders
  • Financial Sustainability

RMHC Does Not Fund

  • Requests from individuals, intermediary funding agencies, or for-profit organizations.
  • Capital or endowment campaigns, fundraising drives, or capital investment costs.
  • Advertising, general or administrative costs, ongoing salaries, or travel expenses.
  • Partisan, political, or lobbying program/issue/campaign.
  • Organizations that promote a particular faith, creed, or religious program.
  • Organizations that discriminate with respect to membership and/or the provision of services or use of facilities.
  • Organizations under investigation or reported to be under investigation by any state or federal authority.


We are currently not accepting applications. Please check back in September of 2023 for program updates. When the application period reopens, please note that all required files/materials must be uploaded before submitting. All required materials must be included at time of submission. An incomplete application will not be considered for a grant. RMHC Maine will not accept handwritten or emailed applications. If you received a grant in the prior year, a follow-up report must be submitted before a current proposal will be reviewed.

Required Materials

  • Cover Letter
  • IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Letter
  • Detailed and itemized breakdown of the budget specific to this project, including the specific uses in itemized amounts of the requested grant funds for the budget
  • Most recent audited financial statement or Form 990
  • Board of Directors List
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their project with a McDonald’s Owner/Operator, a Board Member, or a Grants Committee Member, and submit a letter of support, as part of the application process

Grant Submission Deadlines

After careful consideration regarding COVID-19 and the impact it has made on our fundraising efforts, the RMHC Maine grants program has been suspended for the 2022 calendar year. We look forward to moving ahead when the time is right, so please check back in September 2023 for program updates.

Acknowledgment of Receipt

Upon submission of the grant application, an email will be sent confirming the receipt of the grant application.

Awarding of Grants

Each proposal submitted will be reviewed by RMHC Maine. All funding decisions are reported by mail. An applicant whose proposal has been approved will receive a Grant Awarded / Letter of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant.

Responsibility of Recipient

The recipient of an RMHC Maine grant must use the funds awarded for the specific purpose of its original intent as contained in the grant application. The funds must be used within one year from receipt. RMHC Maine requires an accounting of all funds awarded within one year from receipt of the grant. The One-Year Follow-Up Form can be downloaded from the website. It is understood that any funds not used or in the manner specified in the letter of agreement must be returned to RMHC Maine. Any request for a revision regarding the use of funds must be submitted in writing with the understanding that approval for revisions may not be granted.