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Our Progress

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Construction Updates

October 2019

Construction is well underway! There has been lots going on, and we are so pleased with the progress. Demolition is complete, interior framing is being constructed, and staircases are being built. We’re so excited to be #BuildingCommunityExpandingHope!

November 2019

The roof and most interior walls have been set. Progress is expected to pick up quickly from here!

We are so excited to see this building come together. When we look at these three stories being built, we see the countless stories to come– stories of hope, rejuvenation, and support in an hour of need.

December 2019

Things are moving F-A-S-T! Almost all of the new building is framed and constructed, with the roof expected to be complete in the coming weeks. Next comes the exciting part: connecting the new building to our existing House!

Our team is beginning to pick out colors for rugs, paint, exterior siding, and more. We can’t wait to create a space for families to love and be loved.

January 2020

The progress continues into the new year! The building is framed, roof complete, and siding is going up! We still need your support to make this possible. Join the team that’s Building Community, Expanding Hope with a donation of any amount.

February 2020

February was a very productive month for our construction team. The team was able to fully connect both floors of the new section to our existing building. Battling with some weather, the team was also able to begin insulating the building, along with installing every window. Towards the end of February lots of sub-contractors were on sight to install electrical, plumbing, and sprinklers. It was certainly a busy month and we were very pleased with the progress that was made.

March 2020

The expansion really began to take its final shape in the past few weeks. Once all of the sub-contractors finished electrical, plumbing, and other systems the team installed all of the drywall. Towards the end of March painters arrived and have almost finished all interior painting. Next steps will be exterior finishes, landscaping, and interior molding/finishes.

April 2020

April was a very busy month for the expansion. The team began painting, starting from the 3rd floor and working their way down, while they were followed by the flooring and carpet team. Additionally, Pond Cove Millwork was on sight installing bathroom vanities, shelving, and cabinets throughout the building. While all the progress was being made inside, Gnome Landscape started and finished the courtyard in between the expansion and existing house, which looks amazing!


May 2020

Finishes of nearly every aspect of the project are being checked off the punch list. Lighting, plumbing fixtures, doors, and handicap elevator lifts are all getting installed. We are at the tail end of the project and could not be happier with how everything has turned out!


June 2019

Our expansion is just about finished! The team has been plugging away in June’s heat, and now they have the air-conditioning units running making everything a bit more comfortable. There are some minor punch-list type items, along with a few inspections, before we can begin moving furniture into rooms. The exterior has a little bit of painting left to complete on steps and doors. They’ve also been hard at work landscaping our courtyard, which will be completed later this summer.