M&T Bank Matching Gift Campaign

Your gift, matched by M&T Bank, will make twice the impact and reach double the families during the 2023 Matching Challenge. Every dollar you donate will be matched 100% by M&T Bank up to $10,000. Meaning together we can raise $20,000 to help families secure a home away from home.

Giving now means your donation will be DOUBLED, to provide TWICE as many nights for RMHC FAMILIES. At RMHC Maine, we strive to provide comfort, care, and compassion to families who have children with illness or injury. We are committed to providing safe and healthy family-centered spaces for families to meet the challenges and uncertainties that each day may bring.

Because no child should have to fight their health battles alone.

All donations received from
October through November 2023
will be matched DOLLAR for DOLLAR by M&T Bank.*

*Up to $10,000 donated by M&T Bank.

“M&T Bank Matching Gift Campaign means: Double the brownies that can be made. Double the amount of sleep in a real bed. Double the smiles. Double the families we can help!”