The application period for 2019 begins Monday, June 3 and ends Friday, August 30.

Thank you for your interest in RMHC Maine Grants Program. Please review all grant guidelines prior to submission of your request. We welcome grant requests from qualified 501(c)(3) organizations in Maine and northern New Hampshire.

All of the required files/materials must be uploaded before submitting. All required materials must be included at time of submission. An incomplete application will not be considered for a grant. RMHC Maine will not accept handwritten or emailed applications. If you received a grant in the prior year, a follow up report must be submitted before a current proposal will be reviewed.

To learn about RMHC Maine’s Guidelines for Giving, and what we will not fund, click here.

If you are a recipient of a grant from RMHC Maine then you agree to the following:

It is the understanding of RMHC Maine that awarded funds will be used for the purpose specified in the grant proposal following all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Should the proposed use of funds change, a revised proposal must be submitted in writing and approval may or may not be granted.

RMHC Maine requires the awarded organization submit a detailed accounting within one year from the date funds were disbursed. This form can be found on the rmhcmaine.org website. If for any reason there are any unused funds, they must be returned by check payable to RMHC Maine, mailed to 250 Brackett Street, Portland, Maine 04102.

For promotional reasons, RMHC Maine will post on its website the organization’s name with a link to the organization’s home page. In addition the organization’s logo, reason for the grant and amount awarded may be used in public relations as well as marketing and advertising materials. We ask that on the grant recipient’s website RMHC Maine be recognized.

Please note, any announcement which refers to RMHC Maine, McDonald’s or its Owner/Operators needs advance approval and questions should be directed to Robin Chibroski,  Executive Director by email director@rmhcmaine.org.