logosWe need your help to Fill the Lot with Love!

RMHC of Maine is proud to be partnering with McDonald’s for our Fill the Lot with Love Fundraiser. Throughout April to September during the Sea Dog’s 2017 baseball season, the St. John Street McDonald’s will generously donate 20 parking spots for fans to park with a$10 donation just steps away from Hadlock Field.

With your support, we have the opportunity to raise $200 each game to help keep families close! Since 2004, we have raised over $60,000 through this fundraiser. Next time you plan to attend a Sea Dog’s Game, please consider parking in the McDonald’s parking lot at 332 St. John Street in Portland, across from Hadlock Field!

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We truly appreciate your help! Here are some tips to help this fundraiser run smoothly:

Please arrive at 1 ½ hours prior to game time. If a special event or promotion is taking place, your shift will begin 2 hours prior to game time. Shifts end if the spaces fill immediately or 15 minutes after the game starts to be sure fans arriving late have an opportunity to park.

When you arrive

  • Ask for and introduce yourself to the Manager. If there are customers, you will need to stand in line.
  • If this is your first time, let the Manager know. You will be given all materials needed: parking sign, volunteer apron, parking passes, clipboard with tracking sheet, money to make change and the money collection bag.
  • No more than 20 parking spaces, located to the right of the restaurant closest to Hadlock Field, are to be used, unless the Manager states otherwise. Orange cone can be placed at the entrance to the parking area.
  • Place the sign as shown below, ensuring the sign is not placed on the sidewalk:


  • Collect the $10 donation and direct vehicles to back into designated parking spaces for the parking pass / receipt to be visible on the driver’s side dashboard.
    Note: In accordance with McDonald’s policy, $50 bills are not accepted. 
  • Record the donation amount, license plate number, color and model on the tracking form for each vehicle that is on the clipboard.
  • Return tracking sheet, money bag and any remaining parking passes to the Manager. If possible, bring the sandwich board and orange cones to the back door.

Helpful hints

  • To help you save time by filling in the date on 10-15 parking passes before fans begin to arrive.
  • If it begins to get busy, you can wait until the end of your shift to complete the tracking form as all information can be obtained from the parked vehicles.

Thank you for supporting ‘the House that Love Built!’